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Managed Lifecycle Services

nTier Development helps IT decision makers and stakeholders achieve productivity, quality, and cost improvement with software delivery across the application lifecycle.  Our Managed Lifecycle Services (MLS) blend project management best practices and Agile development principles with experienced technical professionals around the globe to provide:

  • The operational efficiencies of a dedicated software delivery system.
  • Risk adverse development process
  • Local access to global resources
  • Practical project oversight
  • The convenience and transparency of in-house development
  • Greater access to specialized skills.


nTier is a technology neutral organization with a focus on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services.  Our mission is to deliver solutions that are aligned with your business goals and objectives. 


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)


From idea to delivery, nTier enables your IT Governance and Operations to focus on core business and IT strategy while leveraging our development processes, knowledge, tools, resources, and experience to create and maintain software assets until their end of life.


Managed Lifecycle Services



Project managers with practical experience provide guidance and leadership while keeping projects aligned with your business needs.  nTier's project managers collaborate with IT Governance, Operations, and project stakeholders throughout the application lifecycle providing a bridge between business interests and development. 



Agile development  principles guide our software design  and construction process ensuring early delivery of highest value first, reduced risk, and the flexibility to change when needed.



Staffing projects for success is a continuous process throughout the SDLC.  nTier deploys the right people with the right skills at the right time to achieve optimal project performance.